Visual Litigation

  • 3D Scanning
  • Animations
  • Simulation
  • Illustrations
  • Modeling
  • Trial Models

01 Illustrations

From hand-drawn work to advanced CGI renderings, Visual Litigation delivers powerful imagery to assist you in getting your point across fully. Communicate visually and make your point.

02 3D Scene Scanning

Recreate reality with … reality. 3D laser scanning captures complete, accurate math data of your scene. There is no escaping reality.

03 Aerial Video & Imaging

Sometimes you need a view from above. For those times, Visual Litigation can provide the best in cinema quality video and imaging for your project. Don't rely on Google and Bing for your aerial images.

04 Product Presentations

How do you visually communicate the intent of your product design?A cocktail napkin is no recommended - what is however is a presentation from Visual Litigation. We live and work in 3D. We can work with you and your information no matter if it's CAD, sketches, drawings, animations, renderings, composites, or any other visual aide.

05 Crime Scene

Can you take your jury back to the scene exactly as it was when first responders arrived? Visual Litigation pioneered the use of 3D laser scanning technology, and unlike other animation firms, we have on-staff criminal experts that can assist in the recreations to insure accuracy and admissibility.

06 Intellectual Property

The staff at Visual Litigation has a wide reaching background in engineering, design, and animation. This allow us to to speak your (and your clients) language when it comes to presenting your patent and intellectual property cases in court.



The Jodi Parrack case …


One moment little Jodi Parrack was playing at a friend’s house on Nov. 8, 2007. The next she was gone. Jodi Parrack’s own mother finds her 11-year-old daughter lying murdered at the foot of a headstone in a dark, lonely cemetery in winter, 2007. The police desperately try to catch the unspeakable monster who sexually assaulted and slowly smothered Jodi to death before he can strike again. Jodi’s mother Jo returned to the cemetery with Crime Watch Daily’s Andrea Isom and painfully relives that terrible moment she found Jodi dead.

Missing 11-year-old Jodi Parrack is eventually found dead in a cemetery. Investigators learned Jodi had been sexually assaulted, bound and tortured before being slowly smothered with a plastic bag tied around her head.  The police bring in one of their own for questioning, an officer who seemed to predict where her body would be discovered. Was it just a strange coincidence or did he know where she was the whole time?

Reserve police officer Raymond McCann repeatedly urged others out looking for Jodi Parrack to check the local cemetery. Constantine, Michigan Police brought McCann in for questioning. Officer McCann denies he already knew Jodi’s body was in the cemetery when he was encouraging other searchers to look there. But investigators are convinced Officer McCann had something to do with Jodi’s death. Then another little girl is brutally attacked in a neighboring town. She survives to help cops finally cage the monster who murdered Jodi Parrack.

Do you typically take civil accident cases on a contingency?

We understand that sometimes you need to maximize your effort without expending your total budget. Contact us for information on our C-1270P programs. These programs allow you to extend billing until after your cases settles. If it doesn’t settle, you don’t pay. Some restrictions apply.

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