Boston, MA – Visual Litigation, Ltd. was on hand to assist the crime scene members of the Boston Police Dept. in the exhumation of the suspected Boston Strangler.

The case of the Boston Strangler had remained officially opened for more than forty years, mostly due to the fact that there had previously been little or no evidence to link the main suspect, Albert Desalvo, to the crimes. That may have all changed.

The body of Albert Desalvo was exhumed by local authorities to conduct a final DNA comparative analysis which should show once and for all if he was in fact the individual responsible for the slayings that held a community in fear during the late 1960s.

Visual Litigation, Ltd. (formerly Redding Forensics, Ltd.) represented by Mr. Duane N. Redding and Cpl. Kris Mayer (Davenport Police Department) were in Boston conducting a training and certification for the Boston Police Crime Scene Unit on 3D scanning. The department has recently acquired an introductory grade scanner, and was finalizing their training when the announcement came that the exhumation was to take place.

“I was impressed with the care and respect shown by the Boston Police and other officials during the exhumation of Mr. Desalvo. There was great care taken to show respect to the suspect’s remains, as well as other individuals interned at the cemetery.” said Redding after the process.

When questioned by a local reported as to whether or not he believed this would finally solve the mystery, he replied “I think it’s far too early to speculate. Obviously the police have a good reason or they wouldn’t be doing this.”

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis went on the record by saying “It was a long time ago, but nobody forgets it.” Davis had devoured newspaper articles about the Boston Strangler as a grade school student in Lowell, MA.

Story: Boston Globe