Courtesy of Natalie Shaver


Attorneys met with a judge Tuesday to give an update on the progress in DNA testing in the Christopher Tapp case.


Tapp’s attorney, John Thomas, said one thing they’ll be testing, which hasn’t been tested before, is swabs taken of Angie Dodge’s hands at the crime scene.

“They did swab her hands with little Q-tips to see if there was DNA on it,” he said. “Back in 1996, they didn’t have the technology to test it. Now we have the technology.”

Thomas said the defense’s argument is that Tapp falsely confessed to the murder, and in that confession, Tapp said he was holding Dodge’s hands down. Thomas said the defense is hoping these swabs will show DNA from the killer and not Tapp. Other bits of DNA have been tested over the years in this case. So far none of it has matched Tapp’s DNA.

“The clothing, and the teddy bear that was tested and everything that was tested, as far as DNA goes, Christopher Tapp’s did not show up,” Thomas said. “There’s no DNA from Chris, so all signs are pointing to a false confession rather than Chris being at the scene of the crime.”

There are advocacy groups that have questioned Tapp’s guilt, some specifically focusing on the idea that Tapp gave a false confession.

Tapp has been in prison for the murder of Angie Dodge for over 19 years.

The next hearing is scheduled for June 14.