Cleve Heidelberg will be in a Peoria County courtroom on the morning of Feb. 8th. He (Heidelberg) has been imprisoned since 1970 for the murder of a Peoria County Sheriff’s Sergeant.

Christmas weekend was grim in Chicago even by this year’s wretched standards for gun violence: Police say at least 41 people were shot, 11 fatally, between Friday evening and Sunday night, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. The victims include James Gill, 18, and Roy Gill, 21, who were killed when somebody came out of an alley and opened fire on a front porch during a family party, the Chicago Tribune reports. Five others were wounded

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. –  Three people dressed as clowns were taken into custody Sunday after being found with a possible firearm, Albuquerque police said. Police spokesman Simon Drobik said officers were dispatched to a call about a “clown sighting” near a kids’ clothing store. Authorities located three juveniles donning clown masks. Drobik said they were also in possession of what appeared to be a handgun. The investigation was ongoing. It’s not clear

Courtesy of Natalie Shaver IDAHO FALLS, Idaho Attorneys met with a judge Tuesday to give an update on the progress in DNA testing in the Christopher Tapp case.   Tapp’s attorney, John Thomas, said one thing they’ll be testing, which hasn’t been tested before, is swabs taken of Angie Dodge’s hands at the crime scene. “They did swab her hands with little Q-tips to see if there was DNA on it,”