Visual Trial Services

Trial and Mediation Graphics

Our specially trained team of visual litigators and artists understand the unique techniques of presentation in the courtroom, and how the right visual aid can make a difference in how a juror views and understands the evidence.

With years of experience and understanding what is successful, our trial graphics team knows the overall design of graphics and illustrations that best influence jurors at key moments and provide flawless presentation of visuals in the courtroom.

If you can’t communicate your ideas and information to the judge or jury, your case can be an uphill climb. Let Visual Litigation re-create reality for you.

Compelling Imaging

Visual Litigation provides trial graphic consultants for flawless presentation of visuals in the courtroom for maximum impact. In a typical engagement, our litigation professionals work closely with a legal team to develop and deliver persuasive trial presentations—graphics, illustrations, videos, and animations for jurors.

Professionally prepared exhibits also enhance the impression that the presenter is thoroughly prepared. Successful attorneys know that coordinating verbal and visual strategy gets optimal results. Our trial graphic expert team at Visual Litigation employs cost-saving processes such as developing demonstratives in editable formats, which can be revised on the fly before and during trial.