Police in Indiana fired a gunshot at a man who they thought was a thief on Tuesday, but was actually just an actor playing one.

The incident occurred after Indiana State Police responded to the scene of a possible robbery at Backstep Brewing Co. in Crawfordsville, Indiana, according to Fox 8 Cleveland.

When actor Jim Duff exited the building, wearing a ski mask and holding a gun, police reportedly thought he was the suspect they were looking for.

Duff was facing away from the officers when they ordered him to drop his weapon. When he turned around to face them, one officer fired his gun, the report said.

The officer’s shot missed and no one was hurt, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

Duff reportedly then pulled off his ski mask, dropped his gun and proceeded to tell the officers that he was an actor and they were all on a movie set, police said.

The brewery and the production company allegedly did not notify the police or the surrounding businesses that a movie was being filmed in that location, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.