FAA requirements to get tighter on commercial drone pilots.

Visual Litigation in partnership with DownLink Aviation announces a new program to provide forensic animations and re-creations of drone related incidents.

The world is getting smaller, and the FAA is working with local and state authorities to make sure drones don’t become a hazard. Visual Litigation in partnership with DownLink Aviation now offer complete forensics re-creations and visual re-creations of any drone involved in an incident which requires investigation, litigation or criminal charges. Featuring leading flight models from DJI, Yuneec, and others, Visual Litigation can create real world depictions based on actual measurement data, not cartoons. “The level of accuracy is what sets us apart from all other services” said Duane Redding, President. “The ability to visually demonstrate the flight path and telemetry of the incident is priceless, and can put a judge or jury in the position of the witness or pilot with ease.”